Sunday, October 05, 2014


I have been playing with 53 Paper, a drawing app that I downloaded a few weeks ago.   While I haven't had a lot of time because I've been making a little more work for my exhibit and some for my open studio, which is the same weekend (argh), I've got couple of pieces that were fun to do .  This was the first one, and I'm going to try and do one or two a week.  I think I might have posted this on Facebook after I completed it, but don't think I posted it here.

Actually, a few days ago I made a ribollita, (a Tuscan bean soup) which is absolutely delicious.  So good, in fact, I hate to finish it or add anything that will change it.  But that's the purpose of ribollita: gives you a base to add to and then you just keep going.  Sort of like making sour dough starter and adding more flour when you've used some of it.

Lunchtime! And then off to watch my grandson David play baseball.  It is a gorgeous, if cool, autumn day.


Kaja said...

Yum. Every time I check out your blog I find something else I want to eat!

Linda Hicks said...

I am interested in that soup and that app! Keep coloring!

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