Tuesday, August 30, 2005

last night's work

My 20 lbs of soy wax came today. A good thing, too, because I am about to run out of the stuff. Here are two chiffon scarves I waxed and dye-painted. I wasn't sure about the wax on chiffon, but I really love the effect. They are more transparent and ethereal than they look here, but I am eager to get back and make a bunch more. I have some habotai and some crepe de chine scarves waiting for me to work on them, but it's a start.


jenny vorwaller said...

WOW! those are gorgeous!! i love the amazing colors.

Sonji Hunt said...

These are great colors, Rayna. The remind me of something archeological AND of Fall. Strange combo, I know, but I like both!

Are you only using this method on the scarves or are you going to attempt some larger pieces for another project?

Rayna said...

Thanks! I'm doing this method on both cotton yardage and the silk scarves. It is addictive.