Monday, August 29, 2005

back to work

Before I forget: Susan Sorrell asked whether there was a difference between Knox and 'industrial strength' gelatin. I haven't the vaguest idea: probably not. But buying it in large quantities, it is substantially less expensive. I won't bore you with another picture of my (neatened) studio; trust me, I was up till 2:am sorting, ironing, and folding hand-dyed and printed fabrics. They now reside in neat piles in the bookcase. I feel so calm and happy. While going through the chaos, I unearthed two in-process pieces and another one I had made some years ago and put on a background of cheesy fabric that I never liked. Last night I un-quilted it, ripped it off the background, and it is on the studio floor on one of Helene Davis' hand-dyed fabrics that is just the perfect background color. Now I have to live with it and decide whether it is finished. (the white dots in the large version are pins - ignore them,please.) What inspired it in the first place: I was at a chamber music concert and the piece they were playing was in a minor key. I wondered if I could find a way to express a minor key visually and this was the result. I called it "Blue Note." Tomorrow, crit group meeting here. For a change, I will have some work to share.

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mary m. said...

very cool, Rayna. How's your mother doing?

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