Tuesday, August 16, 2005

time warp

What happens when you go from the west coast to the east coast? It's 1:30 am and my body thinks it's 10:30 pm. Would that it were! The climate in San Diego is pleasant and as I walked around downtown, I took a few photos that had observers scratching their heads as I clicked. I am irresistably drawn to things like this. (Ahem - note the spa manicure on the toes to the left.) On our second trip to Balboa Park, the arboretum was open (see picture on previous post) and we were in a magical, tropical garden. I was so overwhelmed that I almost didn't take any pictures. This is Echinacea. And I have no idea what the other leaf is, but if you care, you can read the label. Apart from going to Balboa park and seeing the museums and plants, there isn't a lot to do in downtown San Diego. Even the Gas Lamp district seems to be mostly restaurants and condos. However, I did come away with two tjaps for doing batik. One is wood with copper and the other is all copper. Both are heavy. And both will wait till I have time to use them. Can I stand it till I have a spare hour? Meantime, I had better try to get back on a normal schedule and go to bed so I can wake up in time for my early morning appointment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, the Alocasia leaf is to die for. Sometimes you can find these plants at Metropolitan near you but they are heartbreakers for me, getting spider mites under lights in the winter. Like you, they like ir warm, but a lot more humid.


JulieZS said...

Rayna those tjaps are gorgeous, you lucky duck finding those. I look forward to seeing what use you put them to!

Rayna said...

Helene, how come I have never seen one of these? And how do you prevent spider mites??

Julie - I can't wait to use them and when/if I get to it, you can be sure I'll post the pix.

jenclair said...

Very stylish pedicure and wonderful grate (or whatever). I love it when the most mundane things have been created with beauty in mind.

Here are some sites on, of all things, manhole covers:



Rayna said...

Interestingly enough, these were not manhole covers but grates around the bases of trees. There were others, but this was my fave.

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