Friday, August 26, 2005


I'm stitching the facing on Bad Hair Day - about halfway done and am taking a break. Who can sew for that long?? Then there will be the infamous sleeve and label to do. But not tonight. Becky H asked: I'm curious where you bought the soy wax and the gelatin in quantity? You can google soy wax and find several sources on the web, but I ordered mine from a place called Gelluminations. As for the gelatin -- I just got 6 cannisters of the stuff from Great Lakes Gelatin. That's their minimum order and trust me, unless you are doing a TON of gelatin plate printing, you do not need 6 cans. I teach it, so it is easier for me to take a can with me in case somebody forgets theirs. In fact, I am taking a can of gelatin with me to England next month. I am doing a 'play day' with a group of talented textile artists in London and we will need it. When I was there last year, we could not find powdered gelatine in the market so had to make do with agar-agar or some such thing, if I remember correctly. My non-working clock is still stuck at 8:03 but my watch says 11:30 pm, so off to get my beauty sleep. I hope.


susan sorrell said...

Hey Rayna,
What is the difference between industrial strength gelatin and Knox gelatin??

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Rayna, for the information on where you get the wax and gelatin. Hopefully, I can get some of my fellow grad students to go in with me on some gelatin. I love your new piece (Blue Note)!
BeckyH, sweltering in Dallas

Rayna said...

Hi Becky. Don't you have an e-mail address these days? send it to me.
Rayna, sweltering in NJ.

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