Saturday, August 06, 2005

photo as inspiration

Jen's comment about using photos as inspirations for artwork reminded me that I hadn't posted the small piece Patricia Smith made in my recent workshop. The picture of the window inspired the abstract piece next to it. What Patricia said jumped out at her was the strong line, and that's where she went with the piece -- working with line. An ideal result, giving the words 'inspired by' new meaning. The trick is to work quickly, with no time to think.


mary m. said...

Hi Rayna,

I see on your workshop schedule that you are to teach Nov. 19th in Rahway at the Art Guild. That class is not listed yet on their website, do you know what you will be teaching? Not that it matters, I 'm interested in all your classes. Your work is wonderful! I love this creative exercise with line.

jenclair said...

Thanks, Rayna, for your advice on the "invisible" piece on the wall and for posting this interpretation of a photo. I really like the concentration on line and the letting go of reality here.

Anonymous said...

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