Wednesday, October 12, 2005

fabric land

This is the inside of a plastic box I've been filling with scraps to take to Houston. Odds and ends and bits and leftovers that I can't travel without, just in case the urge to make a little piece of something hits me. I'll finish filling it and take it to my Jump-starting the Art Quilt workshop so I can work along with my class. As I was ironing the scraps and tossing them into the box, I saw some combinations that would look great together and wanted to stop and put them on the design wall. But I didn't have time. There's nothing like going through the stash to make you see things you hadn't seen before...things that have been there all the time. Try it; I do it periodically and it always yields a new piece What's this?? Box #2. Almost full and almost ready to duct-tape closed. Then there is one more little bitsy box that probably won't even be full, but I have enough extra stuff that I will need it. It's the shipping back that gets to me. It is raining cats & dogs and has been horrendous all day. There is something comforting about being in on a day like this: my mother used to iron when it rained and when I came home from school, the kitchen smelled of warmth and steam. I think I love to iron because it gives me a sense of comfort. So, ironing all these fabrics today in a torrential downpour seemed appropriate. One more thing: I sat down at the machine late this afternoon and stitched this piece that's been sitting around waiting to be finished. The middle is a gelatin plate print, the green border is image transfer, and the outside is a piece of Helene Davis' fabric that some time ago I did something to, but I can't remember what. I'm too lazy to look back at my own archives to find out what I did. I will take it with me. Tonight I picked a get out of jail free card, so I will have to make a cup of English tea and decide what this wonderful gift entitles me to do.

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mary m. said...


I love your gelatin-printed window and your box of goodies! I'm so looking forward to meeting you next week!

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