Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I promised

Do we look like we're having fun? Here I am with Mary Manahan, who refused to have her picture taken until I bribed her by promising to appear in the frame. When we finally met today, I felt as though we were already good friends from all the blog conversation. And we did have a lot of things in common, didn't we, Mary?

We all had a great time and everybody walked away with plenty of new ideas and a feeling of freedom to do whatever they wanted without worrying about 'should' or 'shouldn't.'In one of the exericses, I gave everybody a piece of fabric I had printed and wanted to see what each of them could do with it. No two were ever remotely alike, as you can see below.The fabric I gave out was the green and purple, cut into 6 pieces, all of which were slightly different because I had hand-printed it. #1 is Marlene's piece. #2 is Judy 's, #3 is Mary's, #4 is Barbara's and #5 is Connie's. Janet hadn't finished hers so it isn't here.


There was lots more but since my feet hurt, I can't think straight enough to blog about it all. I must say, however, that I wore my splendid yellow Arche shoes today and they were pretty comfortable. I think they'll do for Houston.


Pat's Place said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Great pic of you with Mary, by the way.

jenclair said...

Just read Mary's account of the workshop and popped over here to see if you had any pictures! Hooray! I love seeing class examples. The workshop sounds like a blast, and I love seeing what other people do under various constraints.

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