Sunday, October 09, 2005

chop chop (or tjap tjap)

One of the goodies that arrived the other day: a copper tjap that should be fun to use. It will probably be November before I have a minute to do so, however. But I promise that I am finished buying these things. Honestly. Really. Yesterday, we drove through an east coast rainstorm to Bethesda, MD so we could attend my stepson's 40th b.d. party. It took us nearly 6 hours to make a 4 hour trip. But worth it once we arrived. Fortunately, I brought along a couple of pieces that needed sleeves and I stitched them on while we sat on the highways. More when I get home.


Frances said...

Rayna, these tjaps are works of art on their own, I've never seen one but when I next visit the mainland I will be looking,

Nikki said...

OK, at first I thought this was a quilt. What a lovely design.

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