Monday, October 17, 2005

feet up

Surface design is hard on the tootsies. After a day of waxing & dyeing (it sounds like a day at the beauty parlor) silk scarves in the museum studio today with my crit group, all I could do was flop into my chair, feet on the ottoman and laptop -- where else? Eventually I made dinner. And very eventually, Marty and I actually went out for a walk around the neighborhood. I couldn't bear to change out of my Birks, though. I meant to write about my day on Saturday but didn't have time over the weekend. The NJ State Council on the Arts in conjunction with Aljira Gallery in Newark, sponsored a day-long professional development workshop for artists. It was great! There were breakout groups on networking, on goal-setting, on financial issues, on presenting your slides, and on a bunch of other salient topics. For me, the key issue was TIME MANAGEMENT. You know how when you do Weight Watchers and have to write everything down, you see what your eating patterns are and you become more conscientious about what you eat? Well, same thing when you have to write down everything you do and how much time you spend on it. You see what your day looks like and then after two weeks of that, you decide what you are going to do about it. I've already had to note that this is the second time I'm sitting with the laptop and feet up today...and it probably won't be the last. I should write down how much time I spend ironing little bitsy pieces of fabric, which I am about to do YET AGAIN, and I might discover something worth changing. Or not. Tomorrow is a teaching day and my biggest treat will be meeting Mary Manahan, who is coming in from Pennsylvania to take the class. I'll be sure and take my camera. Stay tuned.


Pat's Place said...

Oh, you'll definitely enjoy Mary! She is one special gal - she actually offered to have me + a friend spend the night in her home during the Ft. Washington show. The surprising part of that is that we had NEVER MET!!! We met via Quiltart & e-mailed each other, but that's it. She is an excellent hostess, a super cook, and lots of fun. Can't wait to see your pics and to hear her responses!

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