Monday, October 24, 2005

from Houston

A quickie before I fall into bed. Got here, got settled, and by the time I reached the convention center, Market was almost closing. Nevertheless, I was focused and managed to see everybody I needed to see and accomplish what I needed to do by the time they closed at 4:00. Happy hour at the hotel, then dinner with Larkin Van Horn and Laura Cater-Woods. Tomorrow, getting organized for teaching on Wed. morning -so I need to get a good night's sleep. After all the wine, I suppose I will. No pix today - nothing to see at the convention center and we can't get back onto the floor till Wed. night or Thurs. Nevertheless, I shall take my camera with me tomorrow to see if there are any interesting things I can find to shoot in Houston. Ack - I hear a rumor that the World Series starts here tomorrow night: right next door to the convention center.

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Elle said...

You have to feel really proud to have helped others to recognize creative potential in your workshops like that. And to see them reference you like that...very very cool!

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