Saturday, October 22, 2005

earl grey and ginger cookies

Reward for a day of hard work. This morning, flu shot at the health department. Afternoon, mostly paperwork. Dinner was tuna fish. Not TUNA, but tuna fish. The canned kind. I normally don't cook on weekends . Well, opening a can of tuna and adding onions, apples, walnuts, mayo and a little yogurt doesn't technically qualify as cooking, but I happen to dislike tuna fish. I love TUNA, however. Grilled rare, preferably brought to the table by a server. Alas, t'was not to be. It was so chilly and raining so hard that we opted to stay in. It is now midnight, eastern daylight savings time, and I am starving. To look at me you would not think I was starving -- but I am so desperate that I just finished the leftover tuna fish. The tea and ginger cookies are dessert.It's not quite like the patisserie window above or the midnight buffet on the cruise I've never taken, but it will do. At any rate, my evening activity made up for the boring paperwork. While Marty watched a rerun of Erin Brockovitch, I heated up the wax and got to work with my found objects & other items. <This is one piece of fabric that I printed randomly, crumpled up and sitting there till morning, when I will see what it looks like and maybe iron it. Yes, I know I need to pack, but I have to finish this. There is also a scarf lying there, as you might have noticed. I printed several of them tonight. Here are the rest of them, on the drying rack next to the table. I think I'll need to go back into those but maybe not tomorrow. As for tonight, I am off to get my beauty sleep. I'll give you a peek at any of the results tomorrow if I have them.


mary m. said...

I don't like tuna fish either, but your concoction sounded pretty good. I'm putting apples in everything these days.

You are really working up to the last minute! Those scarves are you sell everyone of them at Houston.

Sonji Hunt said...

I ate the last tomatoes from our garden and drank A LOT of green tea. I'm still hungry and I keep running to the toilet!

Anyway, that multi printed fabric looks super. I can't believe that it's one piece. Please post it when you unfold it.

Karoda said...

I love tuna fish...a good friend useta fall out laughing when she would call and ask me what I was cooking and I would reply "tuna fish"...she said I was the only person she had ever met that referred to making tuna fish as cooking. ;-)

Your work is so inspiring and beautiful!

Micki said...

if I was only half as talented as you... your fabrics are just wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Great fabric. Have a blast in Houston!


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