Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The (Over)View

(This is from Ted O -- and THANK YOU, Rayna, for inviting me to post some thoughts on your blog!) Well, OK, now that Rayna has seduced me into joining her discussion group about “The View”, I’ should first lay out a few Ground Rules, Universal Truths & Other Disclaimers. To wit: 1. The View From The Studio Door is, I fully recognize, The View From MY Studio Door. Your view WILL be different! 2. Throughout the first twenty-odd drafts of “The View”, its actual working title (and this is true) was “Questions Worth Asking” -- so-named in recognition of the fact that (A) I didn’t HAVE the answers, and (B) questions are the more interesting half of the Q&A equation anyway. 3. I’m not inclined to fight to the death over ANY statement I’ve made in the book. My operative principle is that the Best Way to deal with Any Problem at all is to Duck It Entirely! (It’s a male concept…) Besides, at least by my accounting ideas are the coin of the realm, and if you have a good counter- argument to one I’ve put forth, I want to hear it. 4. I have to admit at the outset to having a disability: I am temporally challenged. After visiting Rayna’s wonderful site for about two days it’s become painfully clear that (A) Rayna has the metabolism of a hummingbird, and (B) the gods have alloted her (and apparently most of you) more hours per day than they’ve given me. So if there are long gaps from my side of the conversation, it’s just me laying here beside my computer gasping for air. SO: next on my To Do List is responding (seriously) to Rayna’s observations about leading an interesting life. I’ll append that to the comments section for that entry. Soon. Maybe.

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Rayna said...

> After visiting Rayna’s wonderful site for about two days it’s become painfully clear that... Rayna has the metabolism of a hummingbird...

HA! I hooted so loudly at THAT one that I woke my husband up, and he is upstairs on the other side of he house. Don't I just wish. But thank you just the same.