Saturday, May 06, 2006

Palm Beach Story

Well, West Palm Beach, anyway. Without going into details, this has not been my favorite week of 2006. Nevertheless, there were some bright spots. On the left is the beautiful Norton Museum of Art, where I spent a happy hour and a half yesterday afternoon looking at their splendid collection of American Art. It was refreshing not to have seen the same old/same old: I discovered some artists I had not known before, like Gordon Onslow Ford. And saw work that was new to me, by artists whose work I know, like Robert Motherwell. Wonderful museum. From May 13-Aug 13 they will be exhibiting art quilts by members of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters of Denver. I plan to see the exhibit on my next trip down here so I can talk intelligently about it when I am there teaching in September. The museum will also have an exhibit of antique quilts from the Shelburne Museum. Tonight, I had dinner with Beverly Snow, who lives in West Palm. I downed two margaritas with our Cuban food, and we talked art art art. It was the high point of my week (which it would have been even if I had had a GOOD week!) Will schedule another visit when I return. I had some time this afternoon, so I went down to Flagler Drive and looked at the Intercoastal waterway. Palm Beach is on the right, over the bridge...assuming you can GET over the bridge. Somebody's yacht coming through, no doubt.(click to enlarge this picture for a better view) There was plenty of foliage in bloom, but far more compelling to me was the damage that still remains nine months after the last hurricane. Among all the lushness, a luxury high rise overlooking the water Uninhabited. Not habitable. Ghostly. Its innards exposed on several sides.

On a happier note, I drove over to City Place because I needed to go to Barnes & Noble before I head for the airport tomorrow morning. But the gates were down over the tracks that run by this luxurious shopping and restaurant destination. I LOVE watching freight trains because we don't get 'em like this in New Jersey. Miles long. The parking garage is just on the other side of the tracks. And the picture doesn't really do justice to this beautiful outdoor plaza, with fountains, benches, and stores. A glorified mall, but really pretty.

By now, it was getting late and time to meet Bev Snow for dinner, so it was a tough choice between B&N for books, or the temptation across the street. The book won. I'll save this for the next trip, along with a pedicure at the Aveda Spa around the corner. Tomorrow night, I will be home.


Deb Hardman said...

How funny, your post is on May 6th, but I'm reading it on May 5th! So am I reading it before you wrote it?

Sorry, I'm easily amused sometimes. Welcome home tomorrow!

Judy said...

Fear not...I went to the Chico's in Virginia Highlands for you yesterday...and bought enough for both of us!!
Glad you were able to fit some fun time into your Florida "visit".

Frances said...

good to hear you had some good times,

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