Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the view from MY studio door

It isn't pretty. I am in the throes of unpacking and packing again to head for QSDS in Columbus June 9-14 for a few days of R&R and then to Asheville to teach. Need I tell you my place is a disaster area? On my wall are two pieces of fabric which I will probably contemplate until I go away. This one was printed with a gelatin plate. I printed this next one recenly when I was trying out a couple of new screens and combining them with the screen of the trees in Bruges. The luminous fabric is one of Helene Davis' hand-dyes. Helene will be vending at QSDS, which is the main reason I am going. I should go with an empty suitcase. The view from my studio window is more colorful. My obsession with the postage stamp garden continues...and today I did something I swore I would never do: I bought a dreaded HOSTA. I hate hostas. But I needed something for the blank space between the rhodi and the retaining wall for my neighbor's driveway. Hopefully, it will fill the shady space without my having to look at it too frequently.

More views that cheer me every day.

Speaking of studio doors - I promised we'd talk about THE BOOK here. Check out my next post.


Deb Hardman said...

Nice view ,& I love the fabrics.

smarcoux said...

Rayna ... excuse my ignorance but are you using screen printing with these prints your doing ?
and I have never done screen printing but I love you get the text as if it was a stamp ... please enlighten me a bit


Anonymous said...

You bought a hosta?!?!?!

Rayna said...

Sandy - I couldn't find your e-mail contact anywhere. That piece is screen printed using Thermofax screens I made. The handwriting was my father's. You can do the same with traditional screens, it is just more work. But you have to have a Thermofax machine for the screens I make.

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