Friday, May 19, 2006

end of the week

This morning, I took a walk around the condo complex. Here were some of my companions. I mean, it's not that I could even say 'good morning' to them and get an intelligent response. Cheesh! Nevertheless, I did my 20 minute mile (stop laughing) for the first time in eons and started the day feeling more energetic than usual. The ground was nicely soaked from last night's rainstorm, so it seemed a good day to plant. I made the rounds of the nearby nurseries and will have to go back tomorrow, while I am in the mood and the ground is still soft. Meantime, I transplanted ferns and daylilies and planted the flowers I had bought - spending almost the entire day in my 4"x4" garden. Enough exercise for anybody - especially moi!

I suppose all of this outdoor activity was an excuse to keep me out of the studio because I'm going through one of those dry periods with bank stares at the wall. There is too much going on in the rest of my life for me to concentrate, so it will have to wait -- and you'll have to put up with my boring plant pictures till I am inspired to throw fabic at the wall again. I seem to need a lot of sleep lately - so it is another early night.

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Sharon R said...

But the important question is what color(s) of shoes did you wear for your walk????

Love the glorious colors of the flowers.


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