Tuesday, May 16, 2006

made for walking?

There are more pictures from the workshop on the Kansas Art Quilters website, worth a look. In the meantime, a picture that will remind me of the delightful dinner with the board members that Sharon Bass hosted - and which captures the spirit of the evening. My boring old Birks couldn't hold a candle to these fabulous boots sported by Sammie and Sharon. And before I left for the airport, I had to take a picture of Sharon wearing her newest wardrobe acquisition - one of my scarves full of words. A perfect choice. Thanks, Sharon. Now it's Tuesday and I'm at home -- determined to do exactly nothing for the rest of the day.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Looks like it was a great workshop, Rayna. And love those boots! I think all us dyers should wear colourful footwear (looking critically at my mainly brown and black stuff)

Shirley in New Zealand

smarcoux said...

yahoo ya buckaroo.. sure do love them boots .. I have a few pairs myself .. almost as colourful but not quite.. those fibre ladies sure do have fantastic taste from the boots to the scarf..

Dangling by a thread

cfent said...

welcome home.
hope you had a relaxzing day

kathy said...

I'd have a REALLY hard time choosing which pair of boots to make my own!

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