Friday, May 26, 2006

making art that matters

Today, I think it matters more that I make ART than whether the art matters, if you know what I mean. I have been gardening and taking care of business matters, making a baby quilt (see the back side, left) -- in short, doing everything but making art. Yes, it is important to 'do the work.' Some of you make something every day - a sketch, a postcard, a collage - come hell or high water. I am not one of those disciplined people...and I envy you. How can I make something if I am not in the mood? If I am stretched beyond the limit with sandwich generation things? If, if, if. I guess it's a matter of priorities - and I am not making my art a priority these days. Enough of true confessions. Yesterday, I finally went to the library after a long, dry spell. Two books by two of my favorite authors - Martha Grimes and P.D. James,who can WRITE and develop real characters I can care about. And two light-hearted, fluffy mysteries that are fun and good escape. I have yet to sit down and read, of course. But that will have to wait till I finish the other things on my to-do list -- which I am off to do for the rest of the morning.


Gerrie said...

I love PD! I have her latest book which I need to start reading. I have been neglecting that part of my life.

jenclair said...

I love them both. The first Martha Grimes I read turned me off (The Horse You Came in On), but for some reason, several years later, I tried her again. And fell in love with the characters-- especially Melrose Plant. I've read at least 10 of them and wish I could read every one of the Richard Jury novels.

I also enjoy the characters in the Adam Dalgleish mysteries by P.D. James, but the wit and humor in Grimes' novels make them so much fun.

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