Thursday, October 26, 2006

waxed paper

While I was playing around with my own work in the evening at the Folk School, I printed these two pieces of paper with soy wax and dyes. I really like the effect and plan to do more with wax and paper as soon as I come up for air. In the meantime, I have been selecting pieces that need to go into my solo show at the end of November. Because the gallery has the Walker System, I need to reconfigure my sleeves and go buy new frames for some of my collages, which are in clip frames. Clip frames do not hang on the Walker system. Tomorrow's errand: go to Jerry's and see what they have. Gee, what a terrible thing to be forced to do.


martha in ny said...

NIce paper..can I come to Jerrys?

cfent said...

love this printed piece!

tricia mckellar said...

A solo? Excellent! Where? When? Details please :) Love the paper work!