Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday at home

I was actually in the studio tonight. This might be a reason for rejoicing, except that the muse has gone for a long walk on a short pier and is nowhere to be seen.I started with the piece to the left. I ironed some other fabric and threw it at the wall. I moved some around; printed some, and looked through my reducing glass. Nothing worked. So, I am going to bed early and perhaps tomorrow or over the weekend some lightbulb will go on. I honestly think I am out of the habit. I've always thought you had to be in the MOOD to work but there are other people who say you need to be in the studio, whether you are in the mood or not. Most of the day I was dealing with the kitchen. First, cleaning it so I wouldn't be mortified when the kitchen designer guy came over. Then, measuring and contemplating alternatives so I could ask him "WHAT iF?". Words to live by. We are going to redo the kitchen and when we met with the designer on Wed. night, he had planned a kitchen for someone who doesn't cook. The sink remained where it is but he moved the stove across the room. Since I work between the stove and the sink, it might as well be across the street. All i want is more counter space between them and a large sink so i can wash out my screens without hitting myself in the nose. Well, we will get there eventually. What happens in between doesn't bear thinking about. Maybe I'll make a piece about vegetables. When I was cleaning out the refrigerator today, I came across some snow peas. Before I threw them out, I put them on the copy machine. I don't think they will make a very interesting screen, but you never know. Creativity comes from the weirdest places.


PaMdora said...

Even if you're out of the mood, looks like you're doing some great stuff. I like the complexity and at the same time, the starkness of the black and white. I try to spend some time each day in the studio, even if it's just re-organizing my materials.

Anonymous said...

Well, we had the same experience with a kitchen designer. Finally I made him understand I actually cook in the kitchen and it worked out beautifully. Except for the finish on these very expensive custom cabinets. Be sure you talk about durablility of finishes if you order wood cabinets.
Oh, I love that piece you posted today.

sunny Venice Fl

Judy said...

Your piece looks like this morning in Northeast Georgia....cold, dark, rainy! It gives me shivers, but I like it!!!

Teresa Suek said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will look on the box from my new faucet and let you know what brand it is. There is quite a difference in price with these prewash units. I bought a cheaper one, but had my plumber look at it and he said it would work fine. He told me to make sure it was completely brass, no plastic parts. I bought it from a restaurant supply place.

Deb H said...

I love the piece you did. I see trees, & mystery in it.

I'm still in the midst of remaking my kitchen. I'm doing my own design, & will get the parts later, after 2 rooms downstairs get finished. Right now I'm waiting for my fancy-dancy high end dishwasher to get repaired...AGAIN!

Good luck with the remodel. It will be a test of nerves & perseverance!

jenclair said...

The muse will return! I have no doubt about this.

Even if the man doesn't cook, it seems that kitchen arrangement should be designed for the cook and that cooking convenience would take priority above all else. Oh, the demands of any kind of remodeling!

Joanne S said...

Oh, the muse thing. To work when one has no ideas, or not. I like the 'warm-up" exercise. 15 to 20 minutes of laying bits of fabric on batting and perhaps another 10 on some stitching and it's done. If you still can't face the real work--then make another. Mine exercise are usually 8 by 10inches. and, yes, it's best if you have a small stack of precut batting ready. the "warm-up" usually gets all the BAD things that might happen out in the open. Free sailing after that. and fabric/supply sorting is ALWAYS a good warm-up.

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