Tuesday, October 10, 2006

seen on the street

A few pix from around Decatur...

Tomorrow, back to work!


Judy said...

Well, it seems that you are enjoying our fair city...and I am so pleased!!! I remember that the last time you were here you had some rather unpleasant occurrences, but I think that was at the airport.
Hope your week goes well. Not long 'till Campbell!!!

Susie Monday said...

Thanks Rayna for the pics, I took some others in the museum that I plan to post tomorrow -- not being too untimely. I also just stuck some examples of everyone's work on my blog at http://elcielostudio.squarespace.com/
I really enjoyed our time together and hope to get more in-between communication going with at least part of the group. You have great experience with art and with art business that I can learn from you -- and your generousity to share is obvious.

Thanks, Susie

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