Monday, October 23, 2006

the class

Five days (and evenings) of studio time at Campbell in a large studio with lots of light, four sinks, and clotheslines inside and out. We stamped, screened, waxed, painted, dyed, and generally made a big mess. But what fun! I loved seeing what beautiful cloth came out of this workshop; some of it from people who didn't even know they were artists! It was a real treat to meet people I had already "known" from lists we're on together or from the blog. Here's Judy Carpenter showing off her work, with Mayme Mitcham in the background. Don't they look like they are having a terrible time? Mayme in one of her more serious moments...making contemplative work. And Belinda, giving one of her pieces another layer of paint. Rebecca Cox's piece generated an interesting critique and a discussion of what differentiates art cloth or a whole cloth piece from yardage. We never did finish the class discussion, but it gave us all food for thought.

I'm missing pictures of Barbara, Joan, Jan, and Helene - but will post them if I can get 'em from someone who took good ones. Now I need to go unpack.


Gerrie said...

Ohh! Nice work. Judy told me she loved the class and that you are terrific! I especially love Rebecca's piece.

jenclair said...

As usual, you and your students seem to have had lots of fun and produced some wonderful cloth!

Judy said...

I have posted more pics on my blog...but if you want to see them hurry and take a peek today as I think I'm going back to blogger tomorrow and my typepad blog will probably be lost in cyberspace forever!
Thanks for a wonderful class. I do believe it's the best class I've ever taken anywhere! You taught me so much! I can't wait until I really have some time to play!!!
Enjoy your time at home!

Susie Monday said...

Hi Rayna -- Loved seeing mor aobut your class. The cloth looks beautiful and everyone is having a great time. Susie

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