Monday, October 30, 2006

Art Quilt Reviews

If you have been asleep and have missed this review by Joanie San Chirico, you need to hotfoot it over to -- the art quilt review blog we all need to read. The review is refreshingly honest and the comments that ensue make for a lively and stimulating dialogue we all need to have periodically. Go! On another note - today was play day at the museum. Judy, Joanie, Diane, Rachel, and I toted wax,dyes, screens, fabric, and priinting implements down to Newark and went to work. Of course, I left my compact flash card in the computer, so no pictures. Duh. Just as well. I was not happy with anything I printed today and fortunately, it all washed right out when I got home. I'm off to bed - but you need to go over to Art Quilt Reviews, look at the show on line, and jump into the conversation.

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Judy said...

Hi Rayna,
Thanks for the link to the Art Quilt Reviews. I found Joanie's article, plus others very inciteful.

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