Tuesday, October 03, 2006

osteoplantosis or plantorexia?

Remember the avocado pit farm from a few weeks ago? I gave one to my granddaughter, who called me the other day, ecstatic that the thing had grown huge and had sprouted at least eight leaves since last month, when I filled a ricotta cheese container with dirt and gave ot to her. On the left is my poor, bent over twig. I took a picture of this sad specimen earlier tonight and decided it was too embarrassing to post. Imagine my surprise when I looked again a few minutes ago and saw that it had decided to stand up straight. Perhaps after a few weeks of reaching for the sun, it decided the ceiling lights were more its speed. Whatver. It looks better - but for how long? I am leaving on Thursday for 16 days and my husband does not like to water my plants.

On another subject, I have had numerous e-mails asking "where are you?". The truth is, I have been home, dancing as fast as I can. Unpacking, repacking, packing suitcases, packing cartons, putting life on hold to celebrate the Jewish holidays with family; talking to kitchen designers; dealing with assisted living issues, and taking care of business, bills, and broken garbage disposals.

Every morning, the blogarithm alerts arrive in my mailbox. And every morning, I don't have time to read anybody's blog, let alone post to my own. But my fabric is packed, my boxes are shipped, and tomorrow I will clean up the place so people don't think the Collyer Brothers live here. Thursday morning, Judy Langille and I leave for Atlanta. And I promise to blog from there. it will, I hope, be infinitely more interesting than my life during the past 2 weeks.

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Karoda said...

You're going to be at Fiber on A Whim...I found the place back in the summer on a college visit with my daughter...we had arranged another visit this weekend for another school with the thought that I'd take your workshop, but its not going to happen...have fun and enjoy!

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