Sunday, April 29, 2007

fun day!

This is the before picture. I was so busy I hardly took any pictures, but the food was pretty much gone by the end of the day and this has a lot of new names in it.
We must have had about 200 people at our open studios today - it was nonstop between 1 and 4: artists, curators, relatives (not mine), and friends of the artists. Our neighbors in the complex also stopped in to see what we were about, so it was good to meet them. A rap artist from downstairs gave me his new CD, the custom furniture makers from a few doors down stopped in and chatted, and a whole load of people from the Bhuddist Temple across the parking lot stopped in and stayed a while. None of them is in this picture. I sold one piece,and a number of matted and framed postcards. People really liked the concept of Art for Small Spaces! I also sold quite a few scarves, which I brought back in at the last minute. One customer is a jazz singer who plans to wear it on stage!

People loved our space, enjoyed the art, and now they know we are there in case anybody wants to schedule a private visit to any of us. We had thought about doing this twice a year, but since there are only seven of us, it seems like overkill. Especially since that puts the pressure on to have 20 new pieces each in the next 6 months. No thanks.

Tonight I will go to bed early, and tomorrow, back to my real work!


Nellie Bass Durand said...

Bravo! It's great that your openhouse went so well ... that you sold pieces. Woohoo!!

Dale Anne said...

So HAPPY your open house went well. And, who knows what will come from all those people there.
Funny how you weren't going to even have your scarves there....STOP second guessing - they are FABULOUS!!!

lizzieb said...

congrats to you on the sales! I agree...why would you not have your scarves? People love art that they can wear and that makes them look like individuals and so arty!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Well done! Can you please explain what "double matted" is? and how you do it?

Rayna said...

Shirley, the postcards are 4x6. The pre-cut mats with a 4x6 opening are only 5x7, which are really too small to look like anything. So I also buy an 8x10 mat, which has a 5x7 opening and I surround the smaller mat with the larger mat. Voilà - a double-matted postcard that looks very elegant and fits into an 8x10 frame. Now you know all my secrets.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I was unable to got in the way. Sounds like a good time was had by all, maybe next time.
Diane in NE PA

Joanie San Chirico said...

Congratulations! Wishing you more great open studios in the future.

All that work was worth it!

Rachel said...

I had a great time, Rayna. Will post a couple shots on my blog.

Gerrie said...

Sounds like a great success to me! I am going to whip up some scarves for my show and sale at the cathedral coming up in may -maybe some framed postcards. Thanks for the tutorial.

Kristen Tyler said...

Daisy and I had a good time. Wish we could have stayed longer. In the small world category, my sister-in-law who lives about an hour away is a member of the Buddhist Temple across the street.
Your work looked beautiful. the space looks good for making art, and for displaying it!

Judy said...

Yayyyyy for you Rayna!!!! That is such great news!
Now take a deep breath and get back to work! LOL

Frances Caple said...

Hi Rayna, I'm behind reading blogs as usual so I am too late to say good luck but still in time to say well done, it all looked great and pleased you have made sales and new contacts, congratulations Frances,