Tuesday, June 03, 2008

where was I? or where am I?

The week started with great promise: Monday I spent all day in the studio. I had brought most of my fabric home a couple of weeks ago because I knew I would have to be here playing nurse. Monday, I took it all back and spent most of the day putting fabric piles back into bins. I took some particularly egregious pieces and discharged them. This is my high tech drying system: the wet fabrics pinned to portable print boards are facing the open window and the fan is blowing. Very effective. Do you think I should patent it? I took this photo of an audition; in the category of "what was I thinking?" - but as long as I had the picture, I figured I should post it. The screen is a photo I took several years ago of some kind of grate or manhole cover or something similar, in Europe - I can't remember where.
I love the screen and will have to play some more with it. Today, I never got out of the house. My boxes are finally ready for UPS to pick up tomorrow -- well, one of them, anyway. The other one I'll finish in the morning and I intend to hit the studio again tomorrow afternoon.


kathy said...

I love this screen too. Can't wait to see your new book.

Gerrie said...

Do you mean the pre-ordered books are on route? I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Rayna said...

They are en route to me, Gerrie. My outgoing boxes are for QSDS.