Thursday, May 29, 2008

evening stroll

After several weeks of staying in, I thought that it would be nice if we went out for dinner tonight. Understatement. I figured it would cheer up the patient if we dined elsewhere (i.e.- not in our kitchen, lovely though it may be). And it was bound to cheer up Nurse Rayna immeasurably. Indeed! It's soft shell crab season - and what could be better than that?? Saute'd in garlic, white wine, oil and served with a side of linguini - aaaaah.

After we got home I called Elinor, my friend next door, to go for a walk. Marty and I had walked earlier today and I knew I had to go back with my camera to capture this vision of loveliness, courtesy of our esteemed U.S. Postal Service.
In our condo development we have these cluster mailboxes. This one is in particularly sad shape and obviously, the USPS has gone to Home Despot and purchased a couple of horses and some 2x4's to solve the problem. It seems to be a permanent solution, since it has been like this for many months. How reassuring to know that our taxes are not being squandered on new mailboxes.

On another subject or two...rumor has it that my books are en route - whatever that means.
I am almost finished packing supplies for teaching at QSDS, and am still ironing fabric and trying to find a creative path. Have you ever noticed that when you are under pressure and trying too hard, nothing - but NOTHING happens?

I am tempted to make some Thermofax screens, just to distract myself.


Terry said...

Mmmmm--soft shell crab. Unknown on the West coast. I ate one many, many years ago in Maryland and still remember the deliciousness! Hope the patient is coming along and the nurse is not too overworked.

Judy said...

Soft shell crab is my all-time favorite dish!! We went out to dinner with friends the other night and it was the special on the menu! WooHoo! YUMMMMM!!! I am glad that you and Marty are getting out!
I am getting notification when you update your blog. I didn't sign up through your blog, but get a similar notification as when we all had Blogarithm. Go figure!
Glad the books are on the way!


Cathy Kleeman said...

And they just raised the postage rates again! Maybe it's time to apply for a federal grant. Oops, no money for art from this administration...

Looking forward to seeing your book!

Andee said...

I would be complaining to the postmaster general if it were my mailbox. Include a picture of the box showing the bottom severed from the is this secure?

When I lived in a large complex here in Portland someone stole the whole community box, by cutting through the supporting pole and walking off with the whole thing. I got a polite letter from the mailman 2 days later warning me to keep an eye on my credit report... and advising me because there was no mailbox I would have to drive 7 miles to get my mail every day.

My take on this notice was a BIG Umm NO. I emailed the local postmaster and explained when my brother buys a stamp in Escondido California and places it on a letter to me and drops it into a USPS box he enters into a contract for delivery "to me" by the USPS and if there is no mail box due to the theft, then they have to walk my mail to my door to carry out that contract, and they damn well had better do that until they replaced the box with a secured one or I would be taking my complaint for denial of service to the local news.

59 neighbors made the drive for 2 weeks, I never did, nor did I miss a single piece of mail. Sometimes you need to get proactive on your own behalf.

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