Wednesday, November 29, 2006

back on track

I've been away so long that Blogger made me sign in tonight. Burrowed, getting ready for the solo show I hung today. Temple B'nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, NJ, has a gallery and every month they invite a different artist to have a solo exhibit. Last month it was a very well known NJ artist who makes her own paper and does beautiful work. This is the first time they have had textiles. When the cantor walked through as we were hanging, he asked how I would like this art to be identified, in case anybody asked what the medium was. "Is it batik?", he asked. I replied that some pieces were - but that it was mixed media on fiber. "Ah, fiber. Thank you," he said. I smiled. Twenty pieces: three of them just didn't work with the rest of the exhibit, so I ditched them. I had help from 3 volunteers who, in the end, moved things around a bit so they worked better. When I left, there were stickies on the walls where the labels would go. Moveable walls - partitioned. Far from ideal (you can see the Walker system rods hanging) but it will be fine. I did straighten out that one piece after I took the photo and I'll stop back before the opening to make sure they look okay.

Meet the Artist a week from Friday and I will be interested to see what kinds of questions I get.

In between redoing sleeves for this system, I have been spending time in my print studio, mostly experimenting and mostly not getting anything I care to post. But that is ok because Blogger won't let me post any more photos tonight:i guess i've used my quota. Anyway, the spot just below my neck is tingling so I think I should get off the computer.


Deb H said...

"Ah, fiber", sounds a bit like Metamucil, doesn't it? Maybe we should all get together & come up with a better word! Something more scientific & mysterious. Maybe then we'd get more respect!

Congrats on the show. I hope it goes well for you, as you & your wonderful work deserve it!

susie monday said...

Good luck and break a leg,(as we old but not over actors still say) Rayna. And anyone who can put together a solo show deserves great kudos.

Hey, that comment is better than the one I had taking in some work for a group show in SA -- a quite nice gallery, but the owner really doesn't get fiber art unless its really functional like upholstery fabric or something to wear. She looked at my new quilt and said, "So how do you hang this anyway?" Like it was a piece of bologna. I mean there was a sleeve and a piece of lathe. Geee.

Rayna said...

Thanks for the laugh,Susie! I had to cut holes in all of my sleeves for the Walker system hooks. But once done, it was really easy to hang all those pieces of bologna.

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