Tuesday, November 14, 2006

playing catch-up

The plane finally took off from Raleigh at 8:45 pm (it was a 3:20 pm flight) - weather over Newark (what else is new?). A most congenial group of passengers - we made the best of it, and there was lots of conversation and laughter. Two people missed their connecting flights to Europe. The steward distributed peanuts, pretzels, soft drinks - and the pilots were out and about and chatty. When we finally landed at 10:pm (instead of 5:pm) the steward thanked us for being so nice: he said usually he has people yelling and screaming at him in a situation like this. Can you imagine? At any rate, a few more pix I didn't have a chance to post from the workshop.
I had asked everybody to pick one thing they had printed so I could take a picture, but the variety was even more staggering than this!

Barbara, Kathy, and Scott display samples of their work. Barb and Scott used masking tape as a resist in these particular pieces.

On day 1we stamped, screened, rubbed. Day 2 was Layering Text & Images and we worked with a variety of image transfer methods and used Thermofax screens. Both Judy and Tama had images of houses in their pieces - very different results from very different methods.

Priscilla loved using the syringe and shows off her Jackson Pollock results, while Donna was more representational and used her watercolor pencils to great effect.

To be continued.


Judy said...

It was good to finally find a post (or two) from you! I was getting worried that those nice folks in Raleigh had not only kidnapped you but also taken away your laptop! I'm breathing a sigh of relief, and also loving the pics from your workshop!!

Susie monday said...

Thanks Rayna -- Looks like a great workshop. I am teaching a text on your cloth workshop (weekend) this next spring in San Antonio at the Southwest School of A& C -- it hink its such a neat arena to explore. Susie

carol said...

The class looks loads of fun, and some lovely results

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