Tuesday, November 14, 2006

more on Raleigh

Since the weekend was a SAQA Southeast meeting, the group met on Saturday night for some business discussion followed by the de rigeur show and tell. They showed and told and I watched with pleasure as some of the SAQA members shared their work. We all ate the brownies and cookies that Jill Jensen and Martha Degen - current co-chairs of that chapter - provided. Here are Jill (l.) and Martha (r.) applauding some of the yummy work being shown. Of course, I didn't get everybody's pix because by then, my battery was going from having run all day in the classroom. Nevertheless...

Marni Goldshlag, showing a couple of her delicious layered sheer silk pieces.

Priscilla with her remarkable landscape and Donna with her whimsical fish. The pictures really don't do them justice.

This SAQA group is very active and focused and I think it's great that they are so well organized. They are geographically spread out but manage to meet once a year and have a workshop or other interesting activity. They should be a role model for some of the other chapters in SAQA. I was pleased to be a guest for the weekend.

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