Saturday, November 18, 2006

you know I'm desperate when I

take pictures like these. In case you don't recognize it, it's my avocado and herb farm. I think these plants are happy, being together. The top of my studio bookcase is crowded, but I don't care. I brought the basil and rosemary in from the deck and am determined to keep them alive, since I actually use them in my cooking. What a luxury to have them fresh -- even though the basil is looking a little peaked. The fragrance of the rosemary makes me very happy. I think it must be related to lavender, but it smells better to me. I am still sewing sleeves on quilts. I keep losing my needles - does that tell you anything? I am writing this by way of procrastination, but I do have to go back to work. I don't watch tv while I sew, but I do watch my design wall in case anything interesting is happening. Here is what I am looking at right now. It's the paper I printed and a piece of Helene's screened fabric along with a few others of hers I threw at the wall. It may become something -- or not. In the meantime, it perks me right up to look at it.NOW - when you leave here, you need to go read the ArtQuilt Reviews blog. There is an interesting discussion going on there and people are busy throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at me. Join the conversation.


Gerrie said...

Rayna, I think it is about time that we honestly look at fiber art in a critical manner. I am loving these posts and the comments on the Art Quilt Reviews blog. I went to Tacoma with June and am in total agreement with her review. It was amazing how in sync we all were.I also think that it is constructive to say how an almost made it piece might be improved, such as turning 90°. Thanks for your participation!!

lizzieb said...

About time you got yourself back in the studio to give us more appropriate photos to look you! You know that is what we want! Congrats on a good review. It's a shame that some people just don't get it...I get Art Forum and Art News and both are filled with reviews that aren't all touchy-feely make you feel good things. We will get there!

Judy said...

I knew I recognized those pieces!!! Ahhhhh, what fond memories I hold of that fantastic week....ladybugs, sinusitis and all! LOL I don't think I wanta go read that artquilt review blog if they are throwing maters at one of my most favorite of folks! I'll leave it till later when I have absolutely nothin' left to do...and then I may just fall into bed first! so there!!!

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