Thursday, November 02, 2006

blind mice

Mice. Or is it mouses? In the past month, I have lost two USB connectors for my wireless laptop rodents. The first one broke off in the computer. I had to go buy a new one because, of course, they no longer make the wonderful first one I had. Please understand that it is impossible to go to Staples or wherever and just buy a USB; you have to buy the whole package. You then have a mouse with a USB and a perfectly good mouse that is unusable. The second one had a storage place under the mouse where the USB upposedly clicks in and stays there while you travel. It did not stay there; it fell off in the hotel room. The housekeeper threw it away because she didn't know what it was. God forbid she should ask someone, or turn it into the desk. The hotel just shrugged. Logitech is turning a big profit. The third one had a storage place inside the mouse but it was too small and I got cramps in my wrist, so I returned it. I went back for another model that was larger, but they stopped making it last month. So I bought a duplicate of mouse #2.

FINALLY, in desperation, I called Logitech to see if they would sell me just the little USB connector for these two mice. Why didn't I think of this at once?. For $10 each plus shipping, they are sending me a gizmo for each of the two mice I own. One I will take with me when I travel; the other I will leave at home as a backup. But I still think the stores should carry replacement USB connectors...

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