Monday, November 13, 2006


Has it been more than a week since I've posted? Oh, dear. Well, there wasn't much to say in the few days between trips. I've been in Raleigh, teaching at the SAQA Southeast Regional Meeting. Here I am, trying to be serious and somebody made me laugh. How can I possibly be a dignified teacher when that happens?? I got here on Friday. Marni Goldshlag met me at the airport and we and set up the room at the Pullen Arts Center. Over the weekend, 12 of us printed and played and put various processes to work on fabric. Here are Martha Lee Burelson, Scott Murkin, and Sarah Williams hard at work. Everyone, from novice to experienced surface designer, ended up with fabrics I wished I had printed myself. Even though everybody was using the same processes and even some of the same tools to print with, their fabrics couldn't have been more different from one another,despite the fact that Marilyn, Martha Lee, Marni and Sarah are all holding pieces with similar palettes! (click for larger view) I am sitting in the Raleigh airport on the plane, on the tarmac. It is 7:15 pm. I have been here since 1:pm. Don't ask.

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