Saturday, June 30, 2007

toothpaste scandals and other stuff

While I read about the poison "Colgate" toothpaste being imported from China, I recall when the real Colgate toothpaste was made in Jersey City, New Jersey. The plant was, of course, torn down to make way for condos - but they left the famous clock as a landmark. You can see it from the NY side and it is wonderful at night when the red neon is lit. The condos are to the right of the picture; the water is the Hudson River. Click to enlarge the photo and you'll get a good look at it close up.

Blogger has been giving me problems, which is why I have not been able to post. It is still annoying and won't let me edit. The comments are wacko, too. Once you click on them, you can't get rid of them unless you close blogger down altogether. Argh.

I am packing supplies to leave this afternoon for Peters Valley Craft Center, where I am teaching a one-day soy wax class as part of Kerr Grabowski's 5 day workshop there. By the way, Kerr has just come out with a DVD on Deconstructed Screen Printing, which I understand is fabulous and is already almost sold out. I can't wait to buy it -- even though this is something I already do and also teach, Kerr is an original!

I'll be taking photos but not sure whether I will have Internet access at PV. Nevertheless, I'll be home on Monday and if I can't post before that, I will post when I get back.


Shirley Goodwin said...

Thanks for the screen printing link - not that I actually NEED another technique at present!

Rhonda said...

I wonder about the blogger thing. If you are a member of the "old" blogger thingy....that might be the was for me. I moved to "new" blogger and had no more problems. Hope that helps.

Rayna said...

Nope, I'm on new blogger. Argh.

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