Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back from Somers and The Country Quilter after a fun class (what else??) and a great time with Jane Davila. I also left a few $$ at the store for exotic items like sewing machine needles, a magnetic pin holder thingie, small scissors, and thread. There is no fabric store around here since the Rag Shop closed (not that it was a REAL fabric store, but at least you could buy pins and needles). I stayed at Claire's beautiful house and when I opened my eyes this morning, this was the view out the window. The blind slats reminded me of the lines in the pictures I took at home last week and I couldn't resist grabbing my camera, eyes half-open, and shooting this. We had all made our gelatin plates according to the same recipe but some stayed intact
while others decomposed and got dings and dents and scratches in them.
And still others came completely apart.
We couldn't figure out why some of them stayed so pristine until Vivien posited the theory that the plates of the people who were near the air conditioners were the ones that didn't break. Seems she had something there. She was NOT near the air conditioner, nor was I. But Jane, whose plate is at the top, was right in front of it. Hmmm.... Here is Vivien with one of the pieces she monoprinted with a gelatin plate. Why can't mine look like that? And here are a whole bunch of fabrics drying in the sun. Large confetti scattered across the lawn! Of course, my battery ran out in the middle of taking pictures so that's all I have. But there was lots of variety and much fun.


Vivien said...

I had so much fun in class yesterday. Thanks, Rayna! It was great. Can't wait for your next class! :)

Judy said...

Lovely gelatin prints Rayna!
You've just reminded me that I've had a pan of gelatin 'curing' in the basement fridge for about a month you think it's ready for printing??? I'll bet it looks somewhat like one of your mystery pics from an old post! LOL


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