Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what's wrong with this picture?

These pictures, actually. I will spare you the images of my nice, neat, organized sewing room that you can actually walk into! After two days (and not finished yet) of filling trash bags, sorting, filing, and whatever else I have been doing -- I am left with two piles that mystify me. On the left, lids - not a single matching bottom. On the right - bottoms, no tops to be found anywhere. Worse than socks disappearing in the dryer! Another of life's little mysteries. The room is approaching dangerously neat but so far I am doing ok with it. I brought home a piece from the studio that I'm working on; it needs to be here so I can sew it together as I go along. And I have two pieces that need to be put under the needle. This is a smidgen of one of them. Tomorrow, my contractor will finish up. He was here today, which is why I was home cleaning out STUFF. Tomorrow, I hope to actually sew. I'm too tired tonight, but I hope also to go back tomorrow to Laura Cater-Woods' new book, which I am determined to use! I started reading it the other night and collecting images or ideas. A workbook is good - it forces you to write things down and then you remember them.I will tempt my muse after what I hope will be a good night's sleep. Anon.

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