Thursday, July 17, 2008

circle dance

Round and round and round we go.

Studio day today. And as I was overprinting a couple of pieces of fabric, I realized the irony of yesterday's statement about not being interested by circles. In fact, this screen came from a photo I took in 2004 in Brussels. I think it was some kind of sidewalk insert - who knows?
Then there was this piece of fabric -I hated it before I discharged it and it was not much better afterwards. So I went to work on it and below is the first new layer.
Good grief, more circles -- in orbit. What was I thinking? Ah - that is the problem: I WAS thinking. Always a mistake.


anonymous said...

Hi Rayna: those Brussels dots are the raised bumps in the floor to alert the blind by touch that they're approaching a potentially dangerous place & to step cautiously (like the "mind the gap" space between platform and metro car). I was there when you snapped the shot.

Sarah E. said...

Rayna, I really like that last photo of the fabric. Your statement that you WERE thinking, always a mistake, sure spoke powerfully to me...thank you!

P.S. Looking forward to seeing more of your circles!!

Gerrie said...

I always love circles. When I am blocked, I return to the circles.

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