Wednesday, July 30, 2008

random Wednesday thoughts

While the echinacea doesn't look as vivid here as it did in real life, I loved the red and purple together - fleeting though they were. Wish I had more of those red daylilies. It took me about an hour and a half to drive up to the Country Quilter this afternoon and I was able to relax and decompress at Tazza - a place with excellent espresso and the best scone (meaning not sweet) I have had in forever. Better than a Starbucks, anytime. Tonight, Jane Davila, Claire (her mom) and I went out for dinner and now I'm back at Claire's. I made the gelatin plates for the demo at tomorrow's class and they're in the fridge. Claire is working on a class sample and I am in the kitchen, doing this. Yesterday, I unexpectedly went to Brooklyn to keep Jessica company. Unfortunately, I ran out in such a rush that I forgot to 1) take my camera and 2) give my visiting brother the house key. The door remained unlocked all day. Jessica and I went out for lunch, did a little shopping, and then stopped at Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope so I could stock up on their Brazil roast. All their coffee is good, but this is my favorite and it must be everybody's fave because Whole Foods hasn't had this one for weeks and there were only two just-roasted pounds left in Brooklyn at Gorilla's shop. Of course I bought them.You might remember that this package is what made me realize that I needed tile that color in the kitchen. You never know where inspiration comes from - things work their way into our subconscious and stay there till we need them. I seem to be in a red mode these days: just ordered new wallpaper for the powder room and yes, it is red. I don't even especially like red: I just seem to need it. Do you ever feel that way about needing a color? I mean, physically needing it - like food? On the subject of color: when I was young and people used to ask me what my favorite color was, i always said blue. BLUE? Then I found out that research said this was the answer most people gave. I rarely wear it or use it in my work - and I would never now say it is my favorite color. But the other day, this is what went up on my wall. Blue is calm, comfort, and trust. When you say something is your favorite color, is it really? Do you use it a lot? Do you wear it? Do you surround yourself with it? Or, in fact, do you find yourself using/wearing/decorating with a color you never expected to live with and didn't even think you liked?


Miles Johnson said...

Gorgeous fabric!!! How do I go about getting my grubby little mits on some of that? I would love to incorporate it into some of my quilting.

Judy said...

Love your tile! I ADORE red...not the raspberry reds but the tomatoey reds! One of our bathrooms is a bright red and it energizes me!

I used to think that blue was my favorite color, and it made me feel calm and somewhat secure. I wore it often, but I don't think it really did much for me. Red and chartreuse make me happy and really give my spirit a boost!


Grace said...

I find I go thru periods where I have a favorite. When I was younger it was black. For a long time now it has been RED (love the passion and energy of it) but of late have also been gravitating towards chartreuse....and BTW...I do wear it, decorate with it AND work with it. Guess I'm and all-in kinda girl.
LOVE the blue piece you produced.

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