Thursday, April 09, 2009

celebrating Spring & street art

Or what passes for spring. Yesterday we had snow flurries, today it was in the 60's and the trees seem to be budding if you squint. Last night was the first night of Passover and we had 24 here for the seder, which celebrates and retells the story of the escape of the Israelites from slavery and the crossing of the Red Sea to freedom. The Last Supper was a seder, so frequently the holidays will intersect. This year, Good Friday and Easter Sunday fall during the eight days of Passover (not always the case). A lamb bone and hard-boiled egg are items on the Jewish seder plate; so I find it interesting that lamb is traditional for many Easter dinners and there are Easter eggs. After the Passover meal, our children hunt for the afikomen (half of a matzoh hidden somewhere in the house); an egg hunt is a children's Easter tradition. In any case, happy Passover & Easter to all of us who celebrate these holidays.
Jeremy and my mother, posing for the camera.
David, Josh,and Abby, who actually look like they are paying attention to the service. This was the first time EVER that all six of our offspring and their (5) spouses and the 9 kids (under the age of 13) were together for Passover. To say it was lively is putting it mildly. I am still recovering. Marty passed his stress test this morning with flying colors and we took a Spring walk this afternoon. I finally remembered to take my camera and record this street art. The paving guys must be artists at heart and probably had fun with the buckets of tar as they filled in the cracks. This is only a small sample of what is around. Alison Stanfield's book, I'd Rather be in the Studio, arrived yesterday and I took it with me to the doctor's office this morning. She talks about how critical it is to organize your files. True...but I am somewhat organized in that regard. MY problem is organizing all my surface design tools and "found" objects. Tonight it dawned on me that I need to begin by organizing them into two main categories: things with bumps and things with holes. I started sorting them into plastic bags and will put them into drawers or cartons or something so I can pull them out for teaching without wasting a lot of time hunting. Now why didn't I ever think of that before? It is so obvious.


Gerrie said...

I have celebrated the Seder several times with various friends and find it very meaningful.

I like your idea of sorting surface design tools.

Terry said...

One year we were in Ecuador for Easter. I took candles that looked like decorated Easter eggs as little gifts. The Ecuadoreans were baffled. I told them about the Easter bunny hiding brightly dyed eggs. They thought that was hilarious and a little crazy. Apparently its more of an American thing than it is a Christian thing!

Your Passover Seder sounds wonderful--food, family, friends and tradition--the best things.

Elizabeth said...

Dear Rayna!
happy Passover! Love the pictures of all of your family- worth all of the hard work in the kitchen!!!
Congratulations on your Fiber arts for a Cause quilt! I just saw it- I know I am a bit slow- It is wonderful!!
I am trying to teach a gelatin Monoprinting class here in VA and folks are just not responding or "getting it" even when I provide a whole stack of samples of fabrics that I ahve made. VA is very provincial in many ways - art includes oil painting and traditional Colonial Crafts- Got to break these folks of these habits!!!
have a wonderful tiem in Grand Junction! I think that you are going to the same retreat as my friend Robin Atkins, bead artist extrordinaire!!!
have a wonderful time!

Judy said...

Happy Passover to you....and what a great gift that Marty passed his stress test with flying colors! woohoo!!!


Eva said...

Josh doesn't only look like paying attention, let me think he really questions what makes this night different from all the others.
Happy Passover from me, too!

Connie said...

Happy Passover. I so often appreciate your generous spirit as related to art. I'm glad to hear your good news (Marty) and know that you're enjoying this wonderful season with the blessings of family.

Susan Ettl said...

I have been studying Alyson's book. It is great. Susie Monday told me about her two years ago. Her weekly newsletter is also very information.

I am also doing her salon with two other artists. For information about this check out the web-site: Also, visit her I'd Rather Be in the Studio web-site to download some helpful templates.

kathy said...

Happy Passover, Rayna! You and your mom look alike. Many years ago I hosted seders in my home...interesting about the lamb bone and the egg being on the seder plate...

woodie said...

great cropping on the tar "art". I've always enjoyed the patterns this makes, glad I'm not the only one.

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