Monday, April 27, 2009

yesterday's news

I meant to post this last night. Glad you all enjoyed the Facebook You Tube (and if you didn't see it on yesterday's post, scroll back and hit the link -- we all need a laugh these days). It's a perfect replica of the kinds of instructional films they used to show us in school in he 50's. Not to be missed. Monday morning, DH came home from the office not feeling well so the rest of the day was taken up mostly with doctors' visits. He went to work this morning and hopefully, he will feel better as the day goes on. I never got to the studio yesterday, but - making lemonade from lemons - I actually cooked dinner since I was home. And I began to stitch a piece I have had sitting around here forever. Here is a bit with the stitching, which I am hoping does not show - LOL. My ironing chair is in the back of the station wagon I didn't dony heavy duty ironing last night. But actually, ironing is very creative time for me because that is when I see new possibilities and new combinations. It's the best thing I can do to get new ideas for work. Time to get this posted, albeit belatedly, and go to the studio. Tune in later.


Eva said...

What a beautiful print! I think I will estimate yours more and more, the further I proceed with my experiments.

Judy said...

Hope all is well with Marty, and that you have had a great day at your studio.


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