Sunday, April 05, 2009

Saturday's workshop

I am home. Internet went down on Sat. where I was staying so I am catching up a day late. Saturday we did screen printing and it was a very productive day, indeed. This is really not a one-day class: there are so many possibilities, so many ways of approaching the process, and such a lot of room for exploration and varied results that it is a 2-5 day class. I made an exception for this group but will probably not do that again, even for beginners to the process. Too much fun, too little time! Just ask Linda Sexton-Patrick, busy at left. See that big smile on Diane Wright's face while she worked? Understandable, when you see how she improved some fabrics from her stash. Carol is looking pleased as punch, and Janine concentrating on this new way of working.
Janine was not crazy about what she printed on the first few rounds but she was surprised and delighted with the last thing she printed. So was everybody else! Barb Corrigan had a wall full of prints on black fabric. They were all beautiful: here is my favorite.
Judy Ross at work - and I think this is her cloth, below.
There was lots more wonderful output from this screenprinting class and I hope they will send me some pictures of what they do with their fabrics. In the meantime, I have a crazy/busy week which I hope includes a visit tomorrow from Sherryl Buchler, who is here visiting her daughter. I have a wake to attend for a friend I have known since high school, have to pack/ship supplies to Grand Junction, CO - Fabric Arts Studio, where I will be teaching from April 13-17, cook for Passover (Wed. is the first seder and we will be 22 people here), visit my mother who is back at her residence but was in the E.R. while I was en route to Connecticut; an eye appointment for me and a stress test for Marty. Right now, we are thinking about dinner out: ribs and a martini. That should help me deal with my list of to-dos for the week.


Eva said...

Congratulations to your talented students and great results!

maggi said...

Your students have produced some great result.

Nanette said...

Rayna, I'm gonna try this! I'll let you know when I'm willing to show you what I've done.....may be a long time coming! I'm kinda inspired, but I've gotta leave some time to start sailing!!!

Gail P said...

Sounds like you needed dinner out!
How you manage to do as much as you do is beyond me! Very inspiring results from your students which means that the "teacher' is great!

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