Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sisters in Cloth workshops

FRIDAY This repeat visit to CT has been a pleasure. Three years ago I was invited to do a workshop for Shoreline Quilters Guild and this time I am here doing a workshop for Sisters in Cloth --a group of art quilters, many of whom were in my class last time. There were also some SAQA members in the group, including Karen LoPrete. Today's class had five who were not there yesterday. Yesterday we did gelatin printing. Nobody in class had done this before and they had a great time experimenting. Robin Wolek used the gelatin to print her family crest. Here is a closeup of the first print, which she did with freezer paper resists on the plate. Here is the plate after she printed and removed the freezer paper so she could print again.And here is the fabric with the positive and negative prints.. printed with and without the freezer paper resists on the plate.
Aurelle's work on the gelatin plate took an entirely different direction.Here is a closer look.
The variety was tremendous. In the evening, the 15 of us had a delicious potluck dinner at Marie's house and it was really nice to just hang out and chat.
Argh - Internet was down where I was staying - I am posting this now at home and will get to the rest in the next post.

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