Friday, April 17, 2009

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There's a lot of catching up to do so I don't get too far behind, so I'm frantically writing away. Stay with me.
Beverly Hart with the fabric she was working on in yesterday's post.
Jeanette Davis' transformed light brown commercial fabric. This is one I wish I could claim I had printed.
I don't remember whose, but it's beautiful.
Maxine Buckholtz is a collage and mixed media/book artist who does not work in fabric. This is more characteristic of her work - and yes, it's also on cloth.
Today - Thursday, we had seven in the class: an intimate group that lends itself to real conversation, interchange of ideas and lots of time to lay the verbal groundwork for individual work. One of the issues was finding one's own voice; a recurring theme on several of the Internet lists...and a real concern for a lot of people. Along with that, the idea of working in a series. We are tackling both in these two days. We did a few warm-ups with small pieces done quickly and then a "what if?" critique for each person. The chemistry, respect, and trust was there from the beginning and everybody focused on doing another permutation that took into consideration some of the feedback they had gotten. By the end of the day, Lynn had completed a triptich that evolved from a photo she brought with her. Terry had done a small study and a larger variation on a theme she has wanted to follow for quite a while. And everybody else was well on the way to somewhere they might not have expected to go. Pictures when I get permission. After a too-large Mexican meal, Jane and I went out for a walk around the neighborhood. If you know me, you also know that I was ecstatic and that my inspiration folder is full.
More tomorrow.


Eva said...

... "one I wish I could claim I had printed." Well... Inspiring, developing the techniques -- synergy masterpieces!
It must be wonderful to see these artists use your methods.
(Writing comments while husband is hoovering under my desk)

Judy said...

the hydrants are really fun!

I saw a truck doing some street painting with tar the other day in Atlanta, and of course I thought of you! LOL

Carole said...

Thank you for a wonderful four days in class. I will continue to be inspired and motivated by you for a long time.

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