Thursday, January 28, 2010

another blog sans pix

Almost everybody who makes art quilts knows Helene Davis' gorgeous hand-dyed fabric. If you've been to QSDS, QBL, or Paducah, you probably have some. My bins have been overflowing with it for the past dozen years

Earlier this week, the man who writes The Textile Blog, profiled and reviewed Helene's art quilts.  Whether you are a long-time admirer of her award-winning work or aren't yet familiar with it, you need to  check out the article on her work!

On another front -- it is after 2:am. I did not spend the evening as I had planned and unless you want a picture of my new laser printer, there's nothing to see.

I have a perfectly good HP1100 from the year of the flood that works just fine. It is so old that its 25 pin serial cableonly connects to my antideluvian desktop. A problem with the computer sent me out to buy a USB converter cable, but neither Radio Shack, Staples, nor Best Buy had one that fit. Of course not, -- nobody has printers that are 13 years old! The Geek at Best Buy told me I could find one on the Internet, but 1) I couldn't connect to the Internet because of a Verizon problem and 2) I needed to print something TONIGHT!  Fortunately, they had a Brother Laser printer on sale for $69.99: a steal.  So I stole it and now it is connected to my MacBook.

 I now have the printer upstairs instead of having to run down to the basement every time I print something; I found a likely USB converter cable on the Internet and ordered it, and after it comes, I can take the HP to my studio and have a printer there.
I still don't have a color printer but I don't really care at the moment.  And after 2 hours on the phone with Verizon tonight, my computers are back on line. 

With that, I conclude my photo-less post for tonight.
Hopefully, I can sleep in a bit tomorrow morning.


Eva said...

My HP laser printer is 14 years old. I had a color printer that I loved, but it was in the way of a falling bookshelf. Then I had a printer I hated; it kept drawing tracks when printing text and started with a bang. I wanted a reclamation, but did not get far. Actually, this printer was one (1) $ worth more than the ink inside.
Whenever I need prints now, I order photo prints online. It is even cheaper than home prints, because the photos come in good quality paper. And you can order anything that can possibly be shown on your screen, as long as you can save it as a JPG.

Beverly said...

Well, then two of us have printers that are that old- I love my 13 year old HP!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Thanks for being quiet while you worked last night so you didn't keep me awake.
I was able to get to sleep shortly after 1!

Barbara said...

Good luck with the printer problems. Helene's quilts are amazing!

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