Sunday, January 24, 2010

et ensuite...

So I went back to the wall and started again.  Most of my fabric is at the studio, so I am somewhat limited (well, that's not exactly true - it just feels that way).
Here's what I have, in color and black and white.

It is about 11" square, so it may do for the Haiti fundraiser if I am happy enough with it to complete it tomorrow.  Will sleep on it.

On another subject (or maybe the same one) I happened on this horrorscope a few minutes ago on Google and this one is so accurate that it is uncanny. Maybe I had better subscribe to this guy's pronouncements and pay attention.

You would prefer to set an even pace to your routine that will enable you to accomplish the things you must do in the days and weeks ahead, but it's not that simple. Intellectually, you know that you cannot make anyone else move any faster than they are going, even if it would make your life simpler. Instead of worrying about something that's beyond your control, do what you can in the immediate moment to continue your own progress. Your persistence will be rewarded.
Well, off I go to continue my own progress.  I won't hold my breath for the reward.


Eva said...

A few years ago I wrote horoscopes for a tv magazine, using the same methods as Rick does. Then, the magazine seemed to need the money and had the horoscopes written by someone who just configured a few nice sentences, obviously without any idea of astrology or use of planet tables.
The difference is striking!

Love the piece you're working on. My phantasy puts all kinds of visions into it.

kathy said...

This is wonderful, Rayna...I'd go with it just as it is.

Debra said...

Your horoscope sounds like a good philosophy for life in general!

Barbara said...

I hope it brings in a lot of money for Haiti. What a great gift!


Looks good Rayna, Nice color balance!

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