Monday, January 25, 2010

where's my camera??

Not the one I took this picture with; the other one! It took me a while, but I finally extricated it from under a pile.  I knew it was here.
You might think this looks like I'm getting ready for a trip to the recycling center, but you'd be wrong.  I'm working on STUFF and brought a bag or two of scraps home from the studio today so I could work at home tomorrow. If this doesn't make sense to you, I understand.  But I'd rather drag these things back and forth than not have them if I want to work at night (which is what I am doing now). I had to make this piece a little bigger so I could stretch it around a gallery wrapped frame, so it is still in process.  Now I'm not sure I am going to donate it to the fund-raiser

because I did something else at the studio this afternoon that the exhibit organizer saw and loved.

Last week I printed a piece of fabric covered with graffiti I had photographed over the years. It's my dropcloth and the substrate was the remainder of some deconstructed screen printing I had done on fabric pinned to it.  It just cried out "urbanize me!"
so out came the screens and the paints.  When the fabric didn't work for the project I had in mind, I cut it to size and gallery-wrapped it on a 12x12 with a layer of batting -- no stitching.  It goes into the Haiti fund-raiser at the gallery as it is.

We'll see about the other one. It may be up for grabs.

Tomorrow, Hilary and Anne Marie are planning to shop for (but not purchase) some layette items for Jessica. I told them I would meet them there. I don't want to miss the fun and besides, it will give me a chance to spend time with the girls for an hour or two.  We don't buy till after the baby is born but this particular store will put away boy things and girl things and hold them till after the baby has landed safely.  So I brought all this fabric home but won't be spending all day tomorrow using it.  First things, first.

In the meantime, the NYCMetroModernQuilters has already got several new members as a result of my post the other night -- and I suspect it will continue to grow.  As I was scrolling through people's photos on the website, this quilt made by Jackie Reeve reminded me of the photo I took last year outside my mother's apartment.  The shadows of the wall made such a great pattern that I grabbed my camera. Wow! Art imitates life.  I meant to make a

screen of this but never got around to it.  I guess I will now, LOL.  Inspiration is everywhere.


Sally Westcott said...

Hi Rayna,

I'm a bit of a lurker! Been lurking around in your blog for a while, but I just had to emerge to say "I really love the first piece!" the second one is stunning but the first one, after the remake sings to me!


Vivian Helena said...

I love both pieces. Which got me thinking about photos I have taken eons ago.. Thank you for that.. When you Gallery wrap, you just put it over the canvas and staple to the back side...that is a question, not a statement.. do you then cover with a backing? I have been meaning to do that, but was a bit unsure. Sounds like a great way to show contemporary pieces.
I also want to thank you for showing me that an artist can do lots in just a few moments. One does not have to set aside 8 hours to be in the studio. So I am now hopping back and forth a bit, and getting more done.

Vivien said...

Love, love, LOVE your graffiti piece! When's the fundraiser? I might want to bid!

Barbara said...

All this gets my creative juices flowing. What's interesting is how different all these pieces are!

Judy said...

Love that new piece of yours Rayna!


Eva said...

Yes the graffiti piece is stunning. Love it!

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