Tuesday, January 19, 2010


We are leaving tomorrow, so I am up early to clean and vacuum this morning, before the day gets away from us. Played around to see if I could expand this (which is less muted than it appeared in the previous photo- sorry to disappoint you).
And the answer was NO. at least, not this incarnation.
The first piece is small but happy. I will see what I can do when I get home. There is a local artists for Haiti event at a gallery near me so I may donate it to the cause. Or donate something else. In the meantime, this still look like a wannabe someone else, which I find upsetting because Dianne is right; I am trying to simplify and I was actually exploring pos/neg space and effect with these strips and other modules. I do not want my work to look like anybody else's--so this will take some effort. But here's the dilemma:the minute I start thinking,my work becomes self-conscious and no longer feels true. My problem? Or a universal reality?? Rayna - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone


Eva said...

My problem, too. Thinking... I realized that I cannot work while being watched. Then I remember that I am present. Forgetting myself is the best way to work. That's why I listen to audio books etc while painting.
I think the second version is a lot "you" already.

Sujatha said...

Not you, Rayna!! Set it aside for a while ...and it is the Universal Truth...I am thinking and planning so much..I aint doing anything!!!

tiedyejudy said...

I think if I get into trying to do something to achieve my or someone else's expectations, I get into trouble. My best work comes when I just let the piece come together without too many pre-conceived notions. If I use my skills to please the muse and enjoy the ride, I'm generally happy with the outcome.
Safe trip!

Rayna said...

Thanks all. Going home today and will start fresh tomorrow inmy studio with sunlight and a 10 ft design wall. Sigh of relief. And my sewing machine there is better, too.

But it is cold!! I guess you can't have everything.

Libby Fife said...

I suspect a lot of people have this issue. Originality is pretty tough. I will say though that I think every expression comes from somewhere and is based on something that you were thinking whether that thought was conscious or not. Just because you made something that looks like somebody elses work doesn't immediately invalidate that piece. My opinion is that it is just one stop on the road (which never ends by the way). Just my annoying two cents! Good topic.

Barbara said...

Are you sure you want to leave the warmth of Florida to come back to winter in the north?

All artists face the dilemma you spoke about.

marion said...

'this looks like a wannabe someone else'. If that is what you believe, as opposed to what you think others might believe, ask yourself what would make it look like it was yours? Or is this a transition piece? We all make them. Why not suspend judgement, stop thinking about it, and make some more. Leave that one to sit for a while. And above all, be kind to yourself.

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