Sunday, January 10, 2010


The last post I attempted from iPhone was pretty much a mess. Too long a story to type w/ 1finger. So here I am again after a Lovely catch-up with Bev Snow at breakfast this a.m. We found an iPhone lite app for blogger that was free & better than the one I had. If this is good, I will buy the regular one. The issue is uploading pix. But at last--this is what greeted us last night outside the restaurant. Granted,it was a wet night, but this was going too far. On the other hand, at least it was not a wild turkey.

I finally set up the sewing machine yesterday and you can tell that I am stretching things by posting these photos: first,the bridge table as cutting table in the apt guest room,and then the guest room sofa. Five min in a previously neat room & I feel right at home.

Oh yeah,and a real ironing board.

For blogging from iPhone the pix have to be taken with this Camera -- well,maybe not but at least for now. The light in the guest/sewing rm leaves something to be desired,so that is that for the moment. 40 degrees &windy today & I put on socks(GASP!!!) w/my Birks this afternoon, since I did not bring my shearling clogs. You can imagine! The rest of the wk will warm up & by fri it is supposed to be 76...more to my taste, I will admit. Back to the guestroom and I will post more if I actually accomplish anything. xo Rayna - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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