Saturday, January 30, 2010

Donating your art

Small Works for a Big Cause: Artists Unite To Help Haiti
This Sunday, Jan 31., go to Brassworks Gallery (105 Grove, Montclair) from 2-5 p.m. and purchase any one of over 100 pieces of original art priced at $50! Many local artists and students have donated their work -- this is your chance to own a small piece of art from an artist you admire and help Haiti. All proceeds will go to the relief effort of your choice: Doctors Without Borders, The Red Cross or Partners in Health. Live music, small bites and beverages; checks only (no cash or credit cards).

Organized by two of my studio mates, this fund-raiser for Haiti had to turn away artists' donations because there was not enough room in the gallery. Good grief!
I am donating to two other fund raisers I support and then, I am done for the year.

Joanne Mattera writes about this very thing on her blog. Once you get there, follow the link under Art Auctions Officially Over and read what she has to say.
Makes absolute sense and is a topic that comes up routinely on some of the fiber lists. It is a pervasive problem for artists everywhere.

I'm feeling better, thanks to gallons of chicken soup and ginger tea.  I'd been slicing ginger into my tea but my friend Sujatha said it would work better if I boiled the ginger in the water before I added the tea.
What a difference! About 40 years ago my neighbor Rajni taught me to make masala tea by boiling ginger, cinnamon sticks, cardomom, tea, and milk together.  Over the years I started taking shortcuts - but today I went back to the real way and I am feeling much better. Jessica said her acupuncturist advised her to do the same when she had a cold and it worked!

Tonight,  I was throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks and have been amusing myself.  Better than a jigsaw puzzle and still in process.

If you are still awake, I have to share this post from the NY Times' Diner's Journal on-line with you.  As a person who freely admits I am high-maintenance in restaurants, it absolutely made my day.  Happy


Terry said...

I LOVED the dining tips for wait staff. Glad to see #88--it infuriates me when a waiter asks if I "need change."

Gerrie said...

I read that in the times and thought I would like to make copies to take to every restaurant that I visit. One restaurant that we go to here in Portland is very good - wouldn't have to give it to them.

Aussie Jo said...

Interesting discussion by Joanne on donating art. It brings up a lot of factors that I hadn't previously thought about.
Our local Primary school used to run a very successful art show as a fundraiser. The artists would set their price and a percentage of sales would go to the school. Much better way to operate as nobody is out of pocket.

Eva said...

Ginger is a wonderful remedy against a cold, as long as it is a cold. Once there is fever and inflammatory signs, it should be replaced by other herbs. -- It is very good again if a cold lingers and won't go away.
Ginger should be let to simmer, but be boilt only for a minute or so, because the sharpness which is so desinfecting will be destroyed by longer cooking.
Milk and suger -- bad in case of a cold.

Libby Fife said...

Thanks for the link to Joanne's blog. There is a lot of information there to consider.

As for the restaurant article? There is A LOT that can go wrong! Maybe this is why I am unhappy at restaurants and just didn't realize why.

Glad you are feeling better.

Connie Rose said...

Both great articles, Rayna. Thanks!

paula said...

thanks for posting the link to Joanne Mattera about donating art. some thoughtful insights. however, the restaurant suggestions reminded me of why I hated being a wait person much you SHOULD do, for SO little pay.
and restaurant owners so often treat their employees like second class citizens.

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