Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brooklyn - not art related

A lovely day all the way around - and a perfect way to spend a Sunday.  If you will indulge me: first things, first.
Miss Emma on her play mat, interacting with the animals. And here she is with her happy Nanny, who couldn't get enough of her.
After Emma played, ate, and napped like a little papoose, we took the stroller out for a walk down Vanderbilt Avenue, around the corner. Grandpa pushed.
Vanderbilt used to be somewhat yeccch but is now getting trendy with good restaurants and some interesting shops. But happily, it still retains enough of its grit to keep it from being bland. This is the building that houses one of my favorite restaurants and I think the first one we went to with Jess and Tommy after they moved there.
You gotta love this sign outside the door: it made us all smile:-))). What could be bad???
 Another local place which we haven't tested yet.
When grandpa got tired we turned around and walked back up the few blocks to Joyce Bakeshop to meet Tommy for coffee.  As we passed the used bookstore, I told Jess and Marty I'd meet them at Joyce but had to stop in and see what books were there. There are very few of these wonderful places left and I could have stayed all day. Put me in a good bookstore (not the behemoths) and I am in heaven.
 Another wonderful sign: so polite! LOL.
 Could I resist this on the way back up the block?

Back at Joyce, Tommy admired his sleeping child, Marty had  biscotti and tea, and I surveyed the rest of the clientele.
The happiest mommy on earth.
  The second happiest headed home so the kids could have a breather before the next shift of admiring relatives arrived.
O frabjous day.


Barbara said...

Sounds like a great visit. I can't believe how big Emma is!

Terry said...

Gorgeous baby! She looks like a giggler.

Eva said...

What an honor to be taken along to this walk with the family. And fun! This kid is growing so fast in order to express soon what she is thinking now.

Gail P said...

I feel like I just visited with some good friends in an interesting neighborhood; thanks for the outing!

Libby Fife said...

I always enjoy your out and about posts. I feel like I get to go somewhere too!

Your family looks pretty happy:)

Anonymous said...

What fun. I love your posts. What lucky Nanny you are.

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